The Healing Place

There is a realm beyond our ken,

Where souls of all reside.

Where sickness stops and care begins,

And illness goes to die.

Protected are the souls within;

In fitness they preside.


The souls of all are welcome here,

From low to kingly states.

There is no need for you to fear

Your body’s weakened state.

All those who seek protection here,

Pass through these pearly gates.


When illness on your flesh assails,

On bone and body feasts,

Enraptured in a gloried veil,

Your soul remains at peace.

Yea! Here in starry citadel,

From sickness, soul’s released.


So you have the trembling illness,

Unblinking, frozen face?

Your body turned and listless,

There in mortal space?

Fear Not! Here, you’re crowned in wellness,

This celestial healing place!






Photo by Helen Ngoc N. on Unsplash


Christopher Lion

Christopher Lion is founder and Editor-in-Chief of Previously he was a Managing Director at The Mather Group and Chief ...more