The Unwinding Dream

Sleep soft in dreams that bind

you to my soul,

where nightingales sing

sweet slumbering tunes

and everywhere dim lights

pull day to a close.


Upon a bed of softest night

the moon gives off a perfect light;

it smoothes the wrinkles of the day

and in the darkness shows the way,

it sprinkles light upon your face,

bids welcome to that magic place.


Where peaceful rhythms

rock your soul,

a special place

where I feel whole,


Where each night

I lay my head

and where

a polar bear

shares a bed.


And all around songbirds sing,

softly touching, wing on wing.


And in the corner of my dream,

gently lapping from a stream,

a hare sits alert, guarding my sleep

he waits, content the peace to keep

and happily contemplates a scene

that only happens in a dream.


Used by permission of the author.
Image used with permission of Anna Berry.

Jennifer Yates

Jennifer lives in Crowborough, East Sussex, UK. She is an Open University Masters graduate and a former NHS manager working ...more