Sealed with a Righteous Kiss

Ah Levodopa!

Like a tender mother’s kiss on the cheek before the child goes to school;

the warm embrace of a wife at bedtime; and

the vengeance of a scorned lover.

She’s all that and more.


Here’s to my love!

Like a tremulous teenager with his first crush, I fumble to get the top off but once done know that sweet relief is sure to follow.


O true apothecary!

Secret midnight trysts in the kitchen; impromptu meetings at highway rest stops;

furtive get-togethers out of sight of gossiping co-workers.

The drugs are quick.


As if to mock the sun itself, she’s a pastel yellow tablet in the morning, a light blue Sinemet in the afternoon, and a dark blue Rytary at dusk.

Ours is an unrequited love, with all aware, but not speaking, of the looming tragedy.

Thus, with a kiss I die.







Photo by Maksym Harbar on Unsplash






Used by permission of the author.

Christopher Lion

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