Sadness and Fear

Deep sadness pours from primordial cells
Fears tightly hugging tears for comfort
Where have you come from, purest feelings
so traumatized that you cannot reveal ?

Salted tears leak from one eye, then the other
Flowing randomly, no outward cause
Will fear and sadness be entwined for lifetimes
endlessly clinging to one another for survival ?

Terror lurks in suspicious shadows of the psyche
Grief peers through windows of the soul
Are you creator or victim of deepest hurts, humiliations
the audience or the actor in the longest Play ?

Transcend the cavern of self torture
Weep over and over and over again
Lachrymal transport of sadness and fear
Empties false bottom memories of being




Photo by Emma Trevisan on Unsplash

Reprinted with permission of the author.

Carol McClenahan

Carol was diagnosed with parkinsons in 2010 and only recently began to write poetry. She credits Wayne Gilbert with encouraging ...more