Ping Pong Poets

Hey, look at meleaning over to one side,for a moment or twoI thought I should hideaway from curious eyesyet no disguise or pretencecan hide the reality in placeand as others turn their backs,I meet the challenges I faceHey, look at mefeet shuffling floortoes curl in shoesas I stumble and falland I wonder if I were to callfor help, would you see me then,or turn your back –avert your eyes,pretend I’m not thereI’ll still be hereI’m going nowhere

Jan Sargent and Jennifer Yates wrote this poem together. You can see Ms. Yates bio here. 



Used by permission of the authors.

Jan Sargeant Jan Sargeant of West Yorkshire, England, has written and published poetry for over 40 years, alongside a number of research ...more