Parkinson’s Blues










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When I got up this morning,

I didn’t know what to do,

I had this feeling deep inside,

and I could not stop the blues,

I had this crazy shaking thing, swirling round my frame,

I missed my job, I missed my life, I just didn’t feel the same,

but I’ve got friends, real good friends to the end.


At first I didn’t know

The doctor didn’t too,

He started checking everything he could,

But then I told him about you,

I said, “Doctor, I’ve got some good friends— real good friends to the end!”




And here’s what he said back to me— he said, “Friends have their compassion, families have their prayers, people you have counted on are going to help you pull on through, cause as long as you’ve got your friends, you’re gonna keep on singing until the end!”


Repeat Verse one, repeat last line of verse 1

Dan Ryan Brooks

Dan, a retired public schools administrator, first noticed pronounced tremors, movement difficulties and balance problems in the summer of 2005. This ...more