Do NOT ever speak the P-word

Garbled enunciation, mouth mumblings

Head hidden inside of a Paper bag

Personal Protection from self-destruction


Never utter, mutter nor write the P-word

Lips sealed, Potency trapped,

Self-image changing, enduring

Future fantasy shapes body and soul.


Abnegate, fully renounce the P-word

A sham blindfold, cover one eye

Fingers in ears, deafen its sounds

Self-delusion creates no real lie


Deny the P-word its Power

Steal dignity from its existence

Live in your dream world, refuse to acknowledge

Make your own Reality the truth of this life.






Photo by Jackson Simmer on Unsplash


Used by permission of the author.

Carol McClenahan

Carol was diagnosed with parkinsons in 2010 and only recently began to write poetry. She credits Wayne Gilbert with encouraging ...more