p.d. dancer

(with gratitude to sarah, my teacher)


at first my arms shoulders hips

legs feet creaked

tensed braced for impact

but they knew what was coming

reminded chest belly to breathe

big round sloppy-breaths

clear cleanse myelin sheaths

switch on the inner amp

for brubeck beyonce

michael j. lady-day

warming     softening

stretching      expanding

each muscle fiber swelling

with blood charged

synced for movement


gradually         incrementally

lean bend rotate         lean bend rotate

roll           slowly          up


first in chairs then on our feet

statues coming to life

step-touch       step-touch

grape-vine left    grape-vine right

step-sliiiide      step-sliiiide


we were ready gathered

on one side of the studio to


all the way across

all the way back

again   again   again

until i dropped

laughing sweating

on the bench      a man

with a whole body





Photo by HalGatewood.com on Unsplash

Used by permission of the author.

Wayne A. Gilbert

Wayne A. Gilbert is a retired teacher and teacher of teachers. He has written three books of poems although he ...more