One Step at a Time

One step at a time
in the days that arise;
don’t search for problems
as the future arrives.
Life is a journey,
each day is a gift,
don’t worry about things
that don’t yet exist.
Be alive in the moment,
don’t venture beyond,
your worrying won’t help,
make time your friend.
Live every second,
don’t create strife in your head,
that’s the place fear is happening,
like a story you’ve read.
Where you race to the end,
and you get to the bit
that really is frightening.
You’re lost in a maelstrom,
not knowing what’s coming.
So stop creating such dramas
don’t sweat the small stuff,
be alive in the now
and take time to adjust.
Just remember to give thanks
It’s what you must do,
Then your actions aren’t wasted
And you’ve made it through!


Photo by Evie S. on Unsplash

Used by permission of the author.

Jennifer Yates

Jennifer lives in Crowborough, East Sussex, UK. She is an Open University Masters graduate and a former NHS manager working ...more