Misunderstood Malady

Invisible symptoms make people unaware

Of the daily struggles

And my despair.


They expect unaffected behaviors

That I can’t always perform

Now not up to my past norm.


The frustration is intense

For me facing those on

The other side of that fence.


I speak too softly.

Then, apparently too loud!

That doesn’t please the unsympathetic crowd.


Memory, comprehension, speech

Issues that don’t describe what’s inside me.

Anxiety has it’s nasty reach.


My husband and others

Who are informed

Still expect me to perform.


Invisible symptoms

Darken my world.

Society keeps denying my present sum.


Angry words and upset nerves

Combining shames in my gut.

Suffering pain, I feel their cut.


Medications work at the task

Hiding our worst symptoms.

“Aren’t you better?” they ask.


I try to educate everyone I meet

Invisible symptoms, not a tremor in sight

We with Parkinson’s share this perplexing plight.

Used by permission of the author.

Michele Keir

https://vimeo.com/853452620?share=copy A professionally trained product and graphic designer (Pratt Institute and Rhode Island School of Design), Michele Keir began her career ...more