Lost in Space

Somewhere in the space between my ears

A disease engulfed my mind these years

Causing confusion, memory loss

Distorting perceptions is the cost

Like a rocket lost in outer space

My conscious mind cannot keep the pace

My daily life is full of black holes

Swinging my moods between two hard poles

My universe has shrunk to my home

Stars and moons can hear my nightly moans 

I dread the sleepless nights watching time

Lost in my thoughts I can’t calm my mind

Parkinson’s disease will run its course

I still try to fight feeling remorse

My creativity keeps me going

Art and poetry I am showing

Used by permission of the author.

Michele Keir

https://vimeo.com/853452620?share=copy A professionally trained product and graphic designer (Pratt Institute and Rhode Island School of Design), Michele Keir began her career ...more