Little Things

See God in the little things

Big things are more rare

The redbud blooms, the woodthrush sings

His handiwork – everywhere


Love God for the little things

While working in his plan

Planting a garden, taking a walk

He’ll always hold your hand


Glorify God for the little things

He multiplies good deeds

He can easily make flowers

From what some might call weeds



No one has an excuse

For not seeking His face

The truth lies in the blood

Just look all around and ponder our world

You will know there IS a God!

Grass withers and flowers fade

But the word of the Lord lives on and on…


So thank God for the little things

That happen every day

Like the joy that heartfelt laughter brings

From things that children will say


Know God sees the little things

And know He sees you too

To Him we’re not such little things

We’re all equal in His view




No there is no excuse for not seeking His face

So be still and know He is God

Even in the remotest of places

The Word of the Lord lives on

Grass may whither and flowers may fade

But the words of the Lord lives on and on

The words of out Lord live on and on…


Photo by Dulcey Lima on Unsplash

John Giannico

John Giannico, 64, resides with his wife near Madison, VA and has thrived with PD for over 20 years. John ...more