is this, or is this beauty?

they’re part of the life in which we be 

the 5 basic human sensory


we may come to know and depend on them well

the beauty of touch, taste, sight, hear and smell 


our life may be blessed with senses 5, 

while lives with less, still fight to survive


from birth, and life experiences, the senses, our gauge, 

they define the beauty, the intolerance, the fear, the rage 


pleasant, pleasing, pleasure, and pleased 

beauty defines its way, through senses each 


the beauty of one’s touch, a caring kindness

sensory beauty, you ‘see’ behind this


the taste that’s beauty, you beg for more

the scent of beauty triggers memories more


those sounds, so pure, so rich in flight

5 sentries at the gate of life…


…now that is real beauty…


Used by permission of the author.

Shane McPhee

Diagnosed with Parkinson’s (PD) in October 2011, Shane, since then,  has found a growing interest in writing stories or poems ...more