I’m All In

I haven’t always been.

I resisted. I complained.


The Pain. My Brain.

Shuffling feet and a walking cane.


Racing to catch the bus and falling.

Unable to work my iPhone to see who’s calling.


Hello. Hello? Hello!

Where’s my silver lining?

Where’s my rainbow?


Wide awake in the middle of the night.

Exhausted in the afternoon.

Bladder urgency when it’s not so opportune


Parkinson’s is doing its best to do me in.

But it doesn’t know –

I’m All In.


“Wait!”, you say, “no way.

Symptoms coming every day.

It’s not going away.”


I hear you. Everything is shuffled

We’ve been dealt a new hand.

This really isn’t the life we all planned.

I have been frozen by fear

Suffered weeks without cheer.

Popping 5,840 little yellow pills a year.


Dopamine depleted. It’s easy to feel defeated.

But, we still have endorphins, oxytocin and serotonin,

We have hearts. I’m holding, not foldin’.

I’m All In.


Trying on new perspectives.

Finding joy is the new objective.

Live life, love hard, laugh with gusto

Lead others with skills and talents only you know.


Those are our superpowers.

How we join forces.

Cultivating hope. Advocating, being resources


Together we can win.

Capture the world’s attention

Live a good life YES AND end Parkinsons.

Used by permission of the artist.

Larry Gifford

Larry Gifford was diagnosed with Parkinson’s in 2017. He’s President and co-founder of PD Avengers, co-host of "When Life Gives ...more