Jealous, Lazy & Stupid

I see no reason to hide or put cosmetics on the fact that I am fighting Parkinson’s. I have discovered that this disease is jealous, lazy and actually a little stupid.



If any other problem, whether physical or psychological, takes your attention away from it, Parkinson’s  will grow stronger and do anything it can to recover your attention. This guy always wants to be #1.



Parkinson’s does not want you to exercise except is short bursts, This is why you need to be patient when you exercise, move and especially stretch. It will give up in the end and wait until you are relaxing so it can dominate your attention again.



Parkinson’s will never understand that when you rest, move and feed sensibly and regularly you are not doing it for Parkinson’s but only to get stronger when fighting it.


The Reason

This is why you have to stay fit and organize your life well. You actually have to be very healthy to be able to fight Parkinson’s. And we who are able to exercise and stay fit must do so, not only out of self-respect, but also for all of those that want to but are unable.


Photo by Zhang Kenny on Unsplash

Snorri Mar

Snorri Mar was diagnosed with Parkinson’s at age 40. He lives in Reykjavik and is a husband, father and grandfather.more