parkie morning yoga

i’m so stiff this morning

i can’ hardly move

my body has separated from

me overnight it will take

time for us to reunite

as much as possible today


i sit up lean gently twist

slide my legs off the mattress

wait a moment to feel

both feet

firmly flat

on the floor

i inhale deeply push

with my legs my spine straight

as if a cable runs

through it out the top

of my head someone is

tugging on it


i stand

keeping my knees soft


i make a fist with each hand

lightly touch fingertips to palms

release each hand wide

repeat 2 or 3 times

make my zombie way to the kitchen

open the cabinet above the sink


for the bottle

of sinemet

hold it

in one hand

push down turn

the lid

tip-tap one pill in to my palm


the lid back on

reach again toward the cabinet

replace the bottle


inhale 1 2 3 4

exhale 1 2 3 4



with the other arm

i reach for the next

cabinet take out a glass

close the door

hold the glass under the faucet

with one hand

turn on the water with the other





the sinemet

in my mouth



i put down the glass

shuffle from the kitchen

to the bathroom

for the next set

of moves





Photo by Jordan Nix on Unsplash

Wayne A. Gilbert

Wayne A. Gilbert is a retired teacher and teacher of teachers. He has written three books of poems although he ...more