PD on ZZ (Top)

some days the symptoms dissipate dissolve

power-blue dumped pumped

through my blood streams released slammed

across the grey neuro-galaxy

kapow kazam juju-jammed zz-topped espresso throb


for a while i’m re-wired re-set refreshed

a dam-burst flood of light

unmediated flash rumble down

collapsed cognition canyon

overpowered overwhelmed flush-rush


i am suddenly fluid again

hydroelectric juice

turbo-solar dopa-burn brainstem magma jubilation

from cerebral cortex download to heart belly

hips thighs knees calves ankles toe-tips

sea-surge wave-rock back up again


vibrant no tremor

jazzed no dyskinesia

vital vivacious resonant

no shaky limbs

no frozen meat




each cell swimming the same direction

membranes singing “legs”

tumbling toward delicious oblivion

double-time bass-drive

lead bent-shiver keen-yowl

raw cymbal crash



Wayne A. Gilbert

Wayne A. Gilbert is a retired teacher and teacher of teachers. He has written three books of poems although he ...more