Euphemistic encounters of a different kind

words we use
to mask the unpalatable
hide the unmentionable,
words we choose
when needing to lose
truths in pulverised platitudes
fooling no one, soothing no one –
not ever but let’s pretend

pretend we aren’t ill,
pretend he’s not dead,
there’s a reason for everything,
you heard what he said
what don’t kill you makes you stronger,
silver lining to every cloud,
say it with conviction,
shout it out loud,
but it’s ephemeral, a chimera,
displacing truth for misplaced lies
antiseptic aphorisms,
well intentioned euphemisms
designed to silence our cries

Used by permission of the author.

Jan Sargeant Jan Sargeant of West Yorkshire, England, has written and published poetry for over 40 years, alongside a number of research ...more