Dream Lover

I took a younger lover,
in my dreams I hold him tight.
I loved him like no other,
he made me tingle with delight.
I took a younger lover
who didn’t count the years.
He gave me so much more than pleasure,
he took away the fears.
He made me feel alive again,
his warm hand closed on mine
and he gave me what I needed
and never showed any sign,
that I was passed my zenith
or on a Zimmer frame!
He was perfect, he was precious
I loved the bones of him,
but the dream was simply ended,
when I woke up, you see
my lover’s smile, his suave good looks
were just, a fantasy,
what else aged seventy three!


Photo by Christopher Campbell on Unsplash

Used by permission of the author.

Jennifer Yates

Jennifer lives in Crowborough, East Sussex, UK. She is an Open University Masters graduate and a former NHS manager working ...more