Daddy-O the Biker

 Daddy is a biker

A man of many spokes

Some say he just spins his wheels

He doesn’t care about these folks


He doesn’t need a Harley

A Kawasaki or Yamaha

It’s Raleigh and Schwinn he knows within

They’re the best bikes by far


You may see him in the neighborhood

He’ll wave if he so desires

An awesome sight of flesh and steel

Rolling by on just two tires


From time to time he’ll throw a chain

Get a flat or take a fall

He takes it in stride…he’s that kind of guy

It won’t stop him long at all.


 He’s quiet and mysterious

He seeks not fame or thrills

He’s happy just to roam the streets

Of his home in Beverly Hills (FL) 


He could tell tales of his travels

Of great hills, big dogs, fast cars

He’s seen a lot just rambling ‘round

The streets of Hollywood stars


These streets they’re filled with faces

Great lives, adventures, memories

He judges not, he knows they’ve got

Their own special family trees 


And one day they’ll all recognize

That James Dean nor Marlon Brando

Just couldn’t hold a handle bar

To the one they call Daddy-O!


Written for my father, Ernest W. Giannico, who had Parkinson’s for over 30 years, from his mid-forties.  He served as a deputy sheriff in NJ and later moved to Beverly Hills, Citrus County, Florida. 

My parent’s home was in a village that has streets named for Hollywood stars from years gone by.  Dad we would ride his large-tired, single speed bike around the neighborhood for years, despite his balance issues.  He died at age 77 in FL.  He was a good and gentle man, very funny, and a great father.

He served in WW ll at overlapping times during the war years along with his two brothers. This in a family with only three sons.  Thanks to God that they all lived.  He and my mother (Margaret) raised us 4 kids. “Ernie”, the biker, my father, is my hero.

John Giannico

John Giannico, 64, resides with his wife near Madison, VA and has thrived with PD for over 20 years. John ...more