Ron Moore Jr.

Ron Moore Jr, is an artist from Austintown Ohio. His Parkinson’s diagnosis came at the age of 34, seven years after he began noticing symptoms. A lifelong artist, he temporarily lost that ability to the disease. At a low moment, when his symptoms were so bad he couldn’t hug his kids, he went through a crisis. He realized he’d been putting more love and dedication into his artwork than into serving God. He swore to change that, and he did just that.

Once his deep brain stimulation procedure was complete, he returned to artwork but with new priorities. His intention now was to show respect, to treat people with integrity, and to offer something during dark times in people’s lives.

The “new” Moore first painted the portrait of a man whose murder was live-streamed on Facebook. He then painted all 58 victims of the Las Vegas shooting. He painted the 28 people killed at the Texas church shooting. He’s painted portraits of police officers killed in the line of duty. These portraits, each representing 15 to 20 hours of work, are given to the survivors.

Indeed, 75 to 85% of his artwork is now donated. Each piece is a message to the soul rather than room décor, a blessing to others rather than a means to make money.

“My wife and I both believe in loving beyond our walls. We don’t have to know you to love you,” Moore said.

Moore’s artwork demonstrates the truth of that statement.


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