Maria De León

Maria L. De León M.D., is a fellowship trained movement disorder specialist as well as an avid research advocate.

Over the last decade, Maria has spent most of it her time championing women’s issues and setting ground for understanding of gender differences in neurological diseases particularly that of Parkinson’s diseae (PD); while attempting to decrease the disparity in healthcare treatment among minorities through her work as part of PAIR (Parkinson’s Advocates in Research) program. She served as a member of PPAC (People with Parkinson’s Advisory Committee) for 4 years for Parkinson’s Disease Foundation (now known as Parkinson’s Foundation) and has been instrumental in developing the ‘Women & PD initiative.’ As such she wrote the first book for women with PD addressing the gender differences.

She has also authored 2 other books and several other publications– “Viviendo mas alla…” (Living beyond…) takes into account the cultural barriers that exist for Hispanics to obtain diagnosis and treatment for PD along with the obstacles that preclude them from participating in clinical research. This has led to an extensive collaboration with the Hispanic Outreach program through MACP (Muhammad Ali Center of Parkinson’s). She currently serves as a public policy advocate for Michael J Fox Foundation working closely with the DOD in helping secure grant money for Parkinson’s research.


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