Marcie M. Jones

Marcie M. Jones believes that generations belong together…and she’s determined to spread that message!

While in high school and college, Marcie worked as a nurse’s aid in various nursing homes. She often said that it was the best job in the world because every single day she left work knowing that she had made a difference in someone’s life. After college she hoped to go into nursing home administration, but was side-tracked by an employment agency with other ideas. Her first “career” job was entry-level at a credit reporting agency. On this new path she learned about business, and worked her way up the corporate ladder to a Senior Vice President position.

After 30 years, as the business climate changed and work was being off-shored, Marcie and her best friend Murt decided it was time for a change. In their “encore” careers they wanted to make a difference in the world. Murt wanted to pursue a career working with children; Marcie wanted to return to her original dream of working with seniors. They began brainstorming and searching for business options, and discovered the unique niche of Intergenerational Daycare. It seemed to be the perfect fit, and they began their journey of creating Gentog…a Loving Daycare for Generations Together.

Her passion does not end with the business day, however. For many years, Marcie’s household has been multi-generational as well. For two years her Gram (featured in her first book “Bring Back the Fun”) lived with Marcie, her husband and her children. When her son and his wife welcomed their first son, four of the five living generations were housed together in her home. Although Gram has moved on to long term care, the other three generations continue to live together. One of her greatest joys is waking up to her beautiful grandsons, and bringing them with her to Gentog. Her next greatest joy is running over to get Gram for the day…enjoying the day at Gentog with both her grandchildren and grandmother is…well, it’s grand!

Now in her late 50’s (yikes), Marcie has decided that it is time to add the title “Author” to her resume. Her first book features ideas for activities that can be enjoyed by people with dementia and their caregivers. The ideas came from her personal caregiving journey at home and at Gentog. Faith, senior care and intergenerational relationships are all topics on the horizon for this new author. Stay tuned!