Ed Bieber

Ed Bieber is the Founder/Owner of The Nature Place Day Camp. He has a B.A. degree from Rutgers University in Botany, an M.S. from Michigan State University in Outdoor Education, and New York State Permanent Teaching Certification, N-6. Ed has worked professionally, since 1970, with over 250,000 children (and still counting!), adults, and families in the outdoors. He was director of Lakeside Nature Center (1/2 mile from our Nature Place campus) until 1976 and then an independent naturalist/outdoor educator at many schools in the metropolitan area. In 1982 he received the N.Y. State Outdoor Education Association’s Golden Award for contributions to the field of environmental/outdoor education. In 1985 he created The Nature Place Day Camp, Rockland County’s first non-competitive, nature-oriented private day camp.

In September of 2009, Ed received the great honor of having September 16 proclaimed “Ed Bieber Day in Rockland County” by the Rockland County Legislature. This award was for his 40 years of making a difference in children’s lives through outdoor/environmental education. He has also published two books, an outdoor guide for parents called ‘What Color is the Wind’, and a book on living with Parkinson’s Disease called ‘Outside/In: On Loving Nature & Living with Parkinson’s’.

When at camp, Ed can be found sharing the quiet wonder of a resting dragonfly with campers and inspiring us with his natural creativity and enthusiasm for teaching. Ed’s philosophy on children and nature is the guiding light for all that we do at camp.