Brian Hall

When Brian’s painful foot cramps first appeared in 1976, he was only 14 years old. He had no idea how serious this one symptom was or, the possible toll that it might take on him. As time went on, one thing became abundantly clear to Brian. He was in a fight for his life.

For the majority of Brian’s life, finding his “balance,” and a healthy way to deal with his medical situation was to say at the very least, elusive. Eventually, Brian did find balance. Coming to accept himself and facing the disease head-on, helped him to feel less like a victim and more empowered to handle the challenges in front of him. Learning to be open, honest, and accepting of one’s self while living with Parkinson’s disease, granted Brian a level of control and a level of peace. When we give up on spending time hiding from ourselves, our troubling symptoms become much less troubling.