Mother’s Day 2021

We met long ago at a church event.
Mothers Day 2021


Son number one sent a card. Son number two Facebook messaged me. Husband number one and only had a nice card and a plan to drive me wherever I wanted to go.


I wanted to see my friend Tricia. Tricia recently lost her husband and to add to the grief her son Joe was under the weather. Joe is about 6 months older than our oldest son Loren. A two hour drive is nothing when you want to spend some time with a friend.


We met her downtown and walked until we found a restaurant that didn’t have over an hour wait. Great food, coffee that grew on me and something I haven’t had in a long time: wheat toast with jam from those little packets. Nummy.


After visiting another hour at her house, we almost fell asleep. We have pictures of our two families, adults all snoring on the couch while our little babies laid on the floor playing with their toes. Its a comfortable place.


We had to move on from Tricia’s. Next stop was to see my horses. When we arrived, Charlie called out to them and both perked up their ears in the direction of the sound. Genie made little nickering sounds with her lips when I came up to her. Cj let me play with her bottom lip which hangs down when she is relaxed. And the little white spot on her nose just above her lip is about the softest thing on this earth and I just had put my nose to her nose to feel it.




Photo by Georgia de Lotz on Unsplash

Used by permission of the author.

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