I have always had red hair.
My mother said it was fire engine red at birth.
Red is me.
It makes me different from most others.
A mutation passed from my naturally red-haired mother.
The cause of ridicule as a young child.
Admiration then by grown women who would exclaim,
“People pay a lot of money to get that color!”
My hair has always been my most outstanding feature.
In my teens truck drivers would honk and yell “RED” as they drove by me.
My long red hair attracted people who became friends.
Red hair is me.
Now I am aged.
And my hair color is from a bottle
But, still a source of compliments.
Time to go naturally white.
My trademark gone.
Who will I be?

Used by permission of the author.

Michele Keir A professionally trained product and graphic designer (Pratt Institute and Rhode Island School of Design), Michele Keir began her career ...more