Say What?

I’m asking, if you know this 

for I found it hard to believe, 

have you noticed, 

that when I speak, in person

I do so, rapidly

It’s an affliction that’s become a part of me, 

from this disease that just won’t leave 

when I tire

it’s more noticeable

specifically, in the eve


speech teeters on mumble 

words stumble to be said

Aim to sort pre delivery 

words filling, my head

now, my ‘writing’, it won’t show this

pen and keyboard control what’s in sight 

I’ve the tools and time to correct this 

set the pace, to express it right

there’s no stutter, there’s no lisp

and the words, they all read crisp 

then again, a fingers’ mild tremor 

Is a writers’ stutter, a slur..

I’m now conscious of my delivery

When I attempt to converse

does my audience nod just to be polite

When in fact, we make it worse.. 

In speech, I’ll crank the decibels

Yes, I’ve got things to say and to be heard

Just ask me to speak up and I’ll do my best 

With an emphasis on each intended word..


Used by permission of the author.

Shane McPhee

Diagnosed with Parkinson’s (PD) in October 2011, Shane, since then,  has found a growing interest in writing stories or poems ...more