Bob Bernard

Bob Bernard is a northern English painter who grew up in the city of Manchester and moved to study fine art at Sheffield’s Psalter Lane site in 1984 and has remained a resident in South Yorkshire to this day.

Recent work is focused on both figurative and landscape subjects, the latter worked from the striking and rugged scenery found in the Peak District. His oil paintings capture the dramatic physical structures of the Peaks enhanced by the light and colours that the seasons bring with the ever changing weather shifting through the landscape.

Bob has also built a successful career as a freelance graphic artist and a political satirist cartoonist working under the guise of ‘Get Satire Done’.”

Some extra words in relation to my Parkinson’s Disease: I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s a little over two years ago but like most people who are diagnosed I had probably had it for some time. It was affecting my work as a freelance graphic artist, I was struggling with stiffness and loss of fine motor control primarily with my left hand (I am right-handed), back ache, brain fog, and tiredness. The medication has improved things dramatically. I am trying to turn this into a positive, and use it as an opportunity to focus on my first great love, painting.


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